Release date announced for Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussyn’s ‘Mor Moharan’

‘Mor Moharan’, an upcoming Pakistani television drama is in the news for quite a while now, a major reason being the issue which it promises to bring before the viewers. Set in a desert region, ‘Mor Moharan’, as the makers tell, will be revolving around the problem of water-scarcity in Pakistan, and a subtle war between two land-owner groups in order to gain more and more of the natural source.

An official trailer of the drama got released last year but it is now that the final release date for it has been announced. Pakistan Television will be airing ‘Mor Moharan’ on May 10 at 8:00pm. A few other local channels will also be carrying it, their time slots not finalized as yet.

The serial stars Samiya Mumtaz, Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussyn in significant roles, the latter two being a major reason why a lot of fans are excited for it, for the two were also observed together in the blockbuster serial ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’. Apart from the amazing cast, the topic of ‘Mor Moharan’ has also inclined many to add it to their watch-list, for amidst innumerable dramas revolving around domestic issues only, ‘Mor Moharan’ promises to deviate, and also educate viewers about the crises our country is currently smitten with.

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