Religion is a personal choice and i respect people of all believe, says Nadir Ali

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YouTuber Nadir Ali has expressed his apology to actress Sunita Marshall for raising questions about her religious conversion during a podcast interview.

During the podcast, Nadir Ali discussed the topic of children’s religion and then asked Sunita Marshall about her conversion. However, his line of questioning made Sunita uncomfortable, and Nadir later acknowledged this by saying, “May Allah guide you.”

Following the incident, Sunita decided to respond appropriately, but Nadir faced severe criticism from social media users. Many people called for the cancellation of his show.

In response to the backlash, Nadir Ali issued a clarification statement and offered his apologies. Taking to social media, he wrote, “During the podcast, my intention was not to offend Sunita Marshall or anyone else. I was merely expressing my curiosity when I asked Sunita about her thoughts on converting to Islam. I respect people of all religions, as religion is a personal choice.”

He further added, “It is my desire, shared by 1.9 billion Muslims, that people embrace Islam willingly. However, if any of my words have caused hurt or offense, I sincerely apologize.”

Nadir Ali’s apology indicates his regret over the incident and his acknowledgment of the importance of respecting personal beliefs and choices. It remains to be seen how this apology will be received by both Sunita Marshall and the public.

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