Report raises concerns about India’s increasing dominance in cricket

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The Financial Times, a British newspaper, has expressed worries about India’s growing dominance in the world of cricket, which could pose risks to the sport.

Traditionally, the Ashes series between England and Australia has been considered the pinnacle of cricket since the 19th century. However, India’s emergence as a cricket superpower is now overshadowing its status, and both England and Australia are feeling the shift of world cricket’s pulse moving towards India.

India’s introduction of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 has been a game-changer, bringing unprecedented wealth to the sport. The IPL has attracted top players from around the world, and India’s governing body now holds significant influence in global decision-making, with its share in global cricket revenue surpassing that of England and Australia combined.

The influence of India’s IPL is also impacting the way the game is played, as teams like England adopt the crowd-pleasing, aggressive style seen in the IPL’s short, fast-paced T20 format.

Hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup in October has further projected India as a rising power on the global stage. However, some view India’s growing dominance as a threat to the sport, citing the country’s control over cricket rules, finances, and politics.

Critics fear that India’s financial power could negatively affect traditional international matches and lead to fewer stars participating in prestigious tournaments like the Ashes. Global franchise leagues, including the IPL, are seen as a major threat to the popularity of long-form international Test matches.

While India’s influence in cricket has been growing steadily, it’s worth noting that the country has faced challenges in maintaining its dominance on the field, with no ICC tournament victories since 2013 and a recent loss to Australia in the final of the World Test Championship.