Republicans hold majority in US House of Representatives

Republicans in US House and Democrats in Senate, stage set for two years of divided governmentAmericans want us to work for them and I want to work with anyone to deliver results, Biden

Picture source - Reuters

Republicans have been projected to win the US House of Representatives and are leading with 218 seats in the midterm elections.

According to Reuters, Republicans have taken a majority lead in the US House of Representatives, which will make it difficult for President Biden to legislate but he has an edge in the Senate. The stage is set for two years of divided government with Republicans will be in majority in the House of Representatives while the control of the Senate lies with the Democratic party.

According to the Edison Center for Statistics, republicans have won 218 seats in the House of Representatives in the latest results. House

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has stated on Twitter that the US was ready for the new guidelines and Republicans in the House were ready to show their results.

Biden’s powers declined after the election results but he said in his first reaction that he would like to work with whichever party controls the House of Representatives. “The American people want us to work for them, and I want to work with anyone to deliver results,” Biden said in a statement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said in a statement that Democrats will continue to work under Biden’s agenda.

Issues such as inflation, fuel prices, and abortion have been the focus of the mid-term election campaign.

Edison Research’s final results showed that one-third of voters said inflation was their biggest problem while a quarter expressed concerns about abortion.

Voters were worried about the increase in their monthly ration, petrol and rental bills after which they also demanded the punishment of Democratic representatives in the White House and Congress.

Now the 2024 Presidential elections are echoing. Former president Donald Trump has announced that he will run for president for the third time in 2024.


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