Restrictions on women’s access to public parks, says Afghan morality minister

Picture source - AP

Afghan morality minister on Wednesday stated that there will be a restriction on women’s access to Public Parks.

The Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (MPVPV) also confirmed the new ban on women’s entry into parks.

It was unclear how extensively the limitations were in effect or how they related to an earlier MPVPV regulation.

As per MPVPV’s previous decision, it was planned to allot specific days for both genders in parks and outdoor areas.

A deputy spokesperson of the Taliban administration Bilal Karimi refused to pass comment on Reuter’s request.

Since taking over Afghanistan last year, the Islamist Taliban enforced the belief that women should not leave the house without a male relative and must wear face coverings, though some urban dwellers choose to disregard this tradition and some women are now allowed to work in government institutions.

The administration also revised its decision of opening schools for girls in March.
According to Western nations, the organizations need to change their position on women’s rights before the Taliban administration can receive official recognition.
According to the Taliban’s understanding of Islamic law, they believe to support women’s rights.


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