Retired Indian general advocates seizing opportunity amid Pakistan’s decline

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Retired Indian Major General Gagan Deep Bakshi’s hostility towards Pakistan is not unknown to those familiar with him. Last week, he reiterated on Twitter to express his longstanding animosity, mentioning that India should seize the opportunity as Pakistan is already suffering from an economic crisis.

Bakshi, while opposing India-Pakistan negotiations on the Kashmir issue, wrote, “It is time to teach a lesson to Pakistan. That country is on the brink of economic collapse and meltdown… Even a limited war now will achieve that aim.”

Bakshi, with nearly 30 years of service in the Indian Military and several published books to his name, is primarily recognized for his unwavering stance regarding Pakistan. His elder brother was also an Indian soldier who died in the 1965 Pak-India war.

It’s worth highlighting that Bakshi has faced backlash for his tendency to spread misinformation. In 2021, he claimed that Pakistani soldiers were killed in the Panjshir conflict. He also shared pictures, which fact-checkers swiftly refuted by revealing that the images were of Pakistani actors working in a military-themed film.

His other interviews and writings depict his bitter and resentful feelings towards Pakistan. Many people in the comments didn’t take his statements seriously, but some also shared their concerns about him promoting extremist sentiments and potentially influencing the younger generation negatively.


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