Retired ISI chief Lt-Gen Faiz Hameed under house arrest?

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    Prominent journalist Asad Ali Toor has revealed in his latest vlog that Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed, former director general of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, has been placed under house arrest for over two weeks. Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed is facing renewed scrutiny for his alleged central role in the incidents of violence and arson that unfolded across Pakistan on May 9.

    Toor reaffirmed his earlier report from March 2023, in which he had predicted the potential arrest of Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed. He explained that after his prediction, news emerged regarding a complaint filed against the retired Pakistan Army general in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) related to corruption and alleged accumulation of assets beyond his means.

    Toor questioned former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s denial of responsibility for the May 9 events, pointing out that the violence occurred not only in Lahore but also in Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and even at the GHQ. Toor speculated that Imran Khan may have conveyed instructions to his followers to target military installations if anything happened to him. He further alleged that the mobs were led to these locations with some level of assurance from within the army, suggesting that Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed may have played a role in providing this assurance.

    Media reports indicate that a team allegedly trained by the former ISI chief was involved in arson and vandalism alongside PTI workers during the May 9 incidents. While those responsible for the violence are in custody, no formal charges have been publicly filed against any senior Pakistan Army officer. It is estimated that nearly 200 Pakistan Army personnel, including serving and retired commissioned officers and non-commissioned officials, are currently facing court-martial inquiries related to their suspected involvement in the riots.

    Additionally, there are rumours that former Lahore corps commander Lt Gen Salman Ghani is also under investigation for his failure to protect Jinnah House, his official residence in Lahore. It was previously reported that Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed had distanced himself from Imran Khan and the PTI in an attempt to seek forgiveness from the Pakistan Army, but his attempts seem to have been unsuccessful.

    Toor suggested that Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed’s involvement in the planning and execution of the failed mutiny within the Pakistan Army on May 9 has significantly affected the political landscape. He highlighted the declining social media support for Khan and PTI, as well as the departure of politicians from the party after May 9, implying the influence of hidden hands within the fractured Pakistani deep state.

    Sources have revealed that Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed has been instructed by the top brass to remain confined to his residence in Chakwal, refrain from meeting or communicating with others, and await a decision from the army’s high command. If a court-martial is initiated, he may be picked up from his residence and handed over to the JAG Branch. However, if he is found not guilty, he will be free to resume his activities.

    For the time being, Lt Gen (retired) Faiz Hameed is under strict seclusion, unable to meet anyone or attend any events, until further orders from Army Chief General Asim Munir, according to Toor’s sources.