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EditorialRoad to the destination called CSS

Road to the destination called CSS

After a long and tedious journey of more than six months, the result of the central superior service exam was announced on December 6th. Out of a total of 20,262 aspirants only 393 managed to pass the exam. This year the passing percentage was only 1.94% percent 0.17% lower than last year’s 2.11%. However, this time around more people appeared for the exam and more passed as well.

The Central Superior Services is a permanent elite civil service authority, and the civil service is responsible for running the bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. The Prime Minister is the final authority on all matters regarding the civil service. This service is a direct descendant of the civil service created by the British in order to rule its South Asian colony.

The CSS exam, once cleared, opens up a plethora of opportunities for the cream of the nation to work for the state. Once the exam and interview are cleared, successful candidates are allocated to different services, some of which are the foreign service, the police service, the Pakistan administrative service, the inland revenue service, and many more. The most sought-after departments are the foreign service and the police service and the administrative service. Only those with the highest marks get allocated to these departments.

People spend the better part of a year or two preparing for the CSS exams. It takes months of reading and writing to prepare for all the subjects. Along with testing knowledge gained over time, the exam also tests one’s nerves. The consecutive six days of rigorous testing that consist of two 3 hour exams per day cannot be dealt with unless one has the stamina and the ambition.

There are thousands of people in Pakistan who dream of joining the central superior service as it is the most prestigious job in the country. It gives one power and the ability to bring about real change. People set aside years from their life to pursue this dream. Some achieve it while some are not so lucky. The exam gives one individual three chances and many take all three. Those who have been through the process say it is a game of both hard work and luck.

Being in the civil service allows one to serve their country at the ground level. These people aid the government in carrying out its policies and make sure the state machinery keeps running. Without civil service, the country is likely to fall apart as it is its backbone. Those who are selected in the service must honestly work for the nation as they are given a responsibility. Quaid e Azam said, “If you want to raise the prestige and greatness of Pakistan, you must not fall a victim to any pressure, but do your duty as servants to the people and the State, fearlessly and honestly.”

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