Roller Coaster malfunction leaves riders suspended upside down in Crandon, Wisconsin

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Dozens of people were left hanging upside down for hours after a roller coaster malfunctioned at an amusement park in Crandon, Wisconsin. The incident occurred when the ‘Oscillating Fireball’ coaster abruptly came to a halt mid-spin, leaving riders suspended in the air. Despite multiple attempts, the riders remained suspended until a special crane could be utilized for their rescue.

Upon receiving the emergency call, the fire brigade and other personnel swiftly arrived at the scene within 15 minutes. However, they faced a shortage of necessary equipment. Consequently, neighboring cities were contacted for assistance, and additional staff and ladders were urgently ordered.

To aid the rescue operation, a truck equipped with a crane-like system standing at a height of 100 feet was also dispatched. The entire process of bringing down the stranded individuals took approximately 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the trapped passengers had already endured nearly two hours of distress.

Among the spectators were five children who initially felt anxious and eventually started crying due to the prolonged ordeal. Moreover, one individual’s condition deteriorated during the prolonged period of suspension, necessitating his immediate transfer to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Currently, investigators are working to determine the cause behind the roller coaster’s sudden shutdown.