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Rulers following USA and India’s instructions

This week, in Eilaf Club, the presentation on “Present Political and Economic Crisis of Pakistan” by the Chief Guest, Khalid Mehmood, Chairman of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Trust, was invaluable. As a bureaucrat, he had served against the seats of Mohtisib-e- Aala, Punjab, Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board, Chairman Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVTA), Member Finance WAPDA, and many other important seats. Participants felt depth and clarity in their thoughts. He said the crisis in Pakistan has roots in the Regime Change incident. Imran Khan has called it a conspiracy. The first thing one needs to know about our political crisis is whether it was a conspiracy or not. The whole truth about it will come out when the American government declassifies information about it after fifty years. Nevertheless, he said there are many symptoms of the changed government which show that the new government is up to following a foreign agenda. We can infer so much from the many confusing policies and actions of the Sharif government. Americans themselves confess that they have changed many regimes in different developing countries. It is quite possible that they have done it in our country. They do it in many ways. They arrange the murders of the rulers. Use the weapon of the fifth generation war to start communal riots and bloodshed within a country. Sometimes they use the army and, on occasion, the opposition to topple the legal government.

In our case, we see that Imran Khan’s government attitude was “absolutely not”. He reached Masco and didn’t care about America’s anguish.  Under the new government, work on CPEC projects has become sluggish. We gave air space to an American drone to reach Afghanistan. The TTP is active in Afghanistan again. Changes are visible. Maybe some of our guesses are incorrect, but there is certainly something wrong with the wishes and actions of our replaced government. Regarding Afghanistan, the present government is toeing the path of American policies. Imran Khan’s government had started negotiations with Russia to get cheaper oil and wheat. If we can get these commodities much cheaper from Russia, then why are we not taking initiative in this direction? Who is creating hindrances? Why is the present government keeping mum on this question? India is a strategic partner of the USA, but she is not observing any restrictions imposed by the USA for its benefit. Our new government has done nothing in this regard during the last four months. The media has also not raised these issues. There are many manifestations of regime change, but the real facts will take time to be revealed. Nevertheless, the purchase of turncoats and pushing of Imran’s government aside by some non-political powers is written on the wall. There is a need for a national consensus on deciding all such grave issues.

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The people want our strongest institutions to keep away from politics on such occasions, but at the same time, they want “powerful” intervention when the height of tension makes the affairs so grave. This is the democracy that keeps a ray of hope aflame even in a stage of helplessness. We are confident that no one has the right to ignore the ambitions of the majority of the people and force us to submit to some minority of people or foreign power. It is only fair and transparent general elections that can give the nation the courage and zeal to face the oddities of the present world and establish an effective rule in the country. He said our economy is in the worst shape only because we are getting instructions from abroad. Leaders are caring for their businesses and monetary interests. If under the heavy blinding propaganda our rulers will continue their plunder of the national resources and will not go for the cheaper purchases in the national interests we will continuously stay as unstable economically, under the heavy load of foreign loans suitable only to the plunderer politicians and their master hegemonic foreign powers.

In the past, we see that people have accepted regime change without any resistance, but this time it is quite a different scenario. Imran Khan and his party have created a very strong resistance. They have given consciousness to the people about the changing history and filled them with the zeal and vigour to stand before any type of tyranny.  Now, PTI wants early general elections. No one can deny PTI’s strength and roots in the masses. The present government is trying to play with fire by generating fake cases against the PTI’s leaders and active workers. By looking at the worst types of propaganda against Imran Khan and his party from the current government, it is generally believed and also wished by the government’s fake leaders that they will be able to take Imran Khan and his party out of the country’s politics and send them behind bars for eliminating the impediments to their carrying billions of dollars out of the country in hundreds of suitcases through chartered planes. If Imran Khan and his party are the only hope of the nation to stand against the tyranny of plunderers backed by foreign powers, The plunderers are trying all sorts of nasty tactics against him shamelessly. If they are successful in their efforts, it will be the darkest aspect of our national history. Presently, we are living in a very complicated and grave environment.  Leaving the propaganda of the imported government, if we look at the realities, no one can deny the fact that Imran Khan and his party have won the deep sympathies of at least eighty percent of the population. If the enlightened, brave, and selfless followers of PTI are deprived of their future hopes and foul play is demonstrated, it will be considered an attempt to undo Pakistan.

If this government had not been ousted, the politics of the whole region would have changed. To correct the direction of our economy, we must decrease government expenditures. The nation should adopt simplicity and “Made In Pakistan” goods should be encouraged by everyone. All 50-year-old classified information of the US government has been declassified, which shows that all military takeovers in Pakistan came with the wish of the USA to serve their purposes. We can judge from these papers how America played an active and dominating role in our devastation. Social media has played an important role in awareness raising. People are now much more sensitive to national affairs and are ready to play their basic roles. Nevertheless, poor people are divided into different parties. No single party can claim to belong to the proletarian factions. No revolution can be expected shortly. Dr. Mujahid Mansoori opined that our present rulers and important persons have no foreign pressures. The USA has no tolerance for the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Now they want another war in absentia. They want a stooge government in Pakistan for this purpose. After the regime change, they would like to change so many things in Pakistan. Rana Ameer Ahmed Khan Advocate said we felt proud when Imran Khan was talking about an independent foreign policy. We never felt such disappointment about national politics as we are feeling at present. We have been converted into a consumer economy. Present rulers are following only the USA’s and India’s instructions. The greedy and slavish family dynasty rulers can’t make policies beneficial for the nation.



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