Ruling coalition rejects Supreme Court’s arbitration role

PM Shehbaz expressing concerns on three-member bench vows to stand behind parliament

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addresses the federal cabinet after an important meeting with coalition partners and vowed to stand behind the parliament’s decision to conduct elections on the same date.

The premier’s speech comes hours after he convened a crucial meeting with coalition allies to talk about the prospect of negotiations with the opposition PTI and the date the court set for the Punjab elections.

JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and other significant federal coalition members were present at the meeting.

PM Shehbaz began his address by stating that the current situation was extremely difficult.

“The issue, difficulties, and current status were discussed in the Parliament.” These issues were addressed by the Joint House and National Assembly. About Supreme Court cases, constitutional and legal actions were also taken, he emphasized.

The premier noted that the Parliament had rejected the April 4 ruling of a three-judge panel of the Supreme Court in the Punjab elections delay issue.

He said that the coalition supported the SC’s 4-3 decision and that the federal government’s position remained the same today.

However, the SC is continuing to move things forward with the same three-member bench, according to PM Shehbaz. “This is the reason we came together today to reinforce our choice.”

He continued by saying that the Parliament has previously dealt with rulings made by the SC and that this should continue in the present.

The PM said, “This is our moral and political responsibility to respect the decisions taken by the parliament previously,” adding that it was critical to make these issues known to the people.”

He stated that the Supreme Court’s “job is not arbitration, but to give orders by the Constitution and law,” about the SC’s directive to the government and opposition about negotiations.

“Therefore, there is complete unanimity among the allied parties regarding the holding of elections and whether they should be held on same day… “The assembly’s tenure ends on August 13 and whatever day follows 90 days.”

PM Shehbaz argued that it was crucial to inform the populace that the PTI took advantage of the circumstance rather than assisting the government in resolving the existing issues.