‘Run for Pakistan’ marathon will take place in August

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This month, male and female athletes as well as the general public will be able to participate in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi for Run for Pakistan, the annual short-marathon event that serves as Sports in Pakistan’s signature event.

Male athletes will compete in a 21.5-kilometer race, female runners in a 14-kilometer race, and children of various ages will run for distances of 7 kilometers and 1 kilometer.

The locations for these runs will be the Gaddafi Stadium compound in Lahore, the PSB Coaching Centre (formerly known as NCC) in Karachi, and the Islamabad Sports Complex.

Sports enthusiasts and athletes in Pakistan will have the chance to realize their potential at the national and international levels with the help of concerted efforts, increased investment, and a comprehensive strategy. This will help create a favorable and soft image of Pakistan around the world.

According to Shoaib Nizami, CEO of Sports in Pakistan, the general public’s interest in participating in fitness-related activities has grown over time. This has helped the nation’s native talent to be discovered and promoted.

“By nurturing our athletes and giving them the tools, facilities, and support they require, we can establish a healthy sports culture in Pakistan. Together, let’s honor the accomplishments of our athletes, motivate younger people, and create a more promising future for sports in our nation.”