Russia does not consider itself an enemy of the West, says Putin

Picture source- AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin while speaking at the International Discussion Club Valdai in Moscow, stated that Russia is not an enemy of the West

As per the Anadolu Agency report, Putin stated “Russia does not consider itself an enemy of the West. Russia tried to build relations with the West and NATO, with the same message — let’s live together in friendship.”

Putin went on to say that the West is actively trying to substitute international law with a “rules-based order” that will allow it to live without any laws at all.

He further added that to sustain its supremacy, the West is pursuing a “bloody and dirty” policy that denies states and peoples’ sovereignty.

“Liberalism, the Western fundamental ideology, has evolved beyond recognition, to the point of absurdity, while alternative points of view are declared threats to democracy,” the Russian President added.

He further added that recent events have caused a shift in the international arena and The West will have to begin an equal discussion about a common future in world affairs, he further urged “the sooner, the better.”

Putin also added that the United States is not preaching any positive agenda its only working to maintain its dominance.

The president stated that Russia has no strategies to become a hegemon in the face of “the doctrinal crisis of the neoliberal model of the American world order.”


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