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‘Russia invades Ukraine’: Int’l media outlet apologises for faulty headline

Media outlet says headlines prepared in advance for possible scenarios

An international news outlet has apologised for a publishing error after a faulty headline “Russia invades Ukraine” appeared on its website on Friday.

In a statement on Friday, Bloomberg apologised for the error that appeared under its latest section on the website. The media outlet said that it was standard practice to produce headlines for various scenarios and the headline got posted to the website as a mistake. The headline was removed, and Bloomberg was probing the cause behind the error, the statement said.

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Screengrabs of the headline on the website’s page were circulated on social media. A user pointed out that Bloomberg was possibly hacked due to the headline that was on its main page.

The same user later pointed out that the headline was changed to “Major Ukraine news” later.

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One user jumped in and speculated that the error was a norm for news sites as they had stories ready to go for possible scenarios. The user said that the headline was published accidentally, something that Bloomberg confirmed later.

The error on the news website comes on the heels of rising tensions in Eastern Europe with Russia having stationed thousands of troops at its border with Ukraine. Western powers, in particular the US, have feared that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine, which Moscow has explicitly denied.

Earlier this week, US high officials also revealed the salient features of a possible Russian propaganda plan that they gathered through their intelligence operations. According to them, Russia would curate a fake, graphic video of a Ukrainian attack on Russian people or soil, in turn legitimising a Russian invasion of Ukraine.






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