Russia exploring options with North Korea for attack against Ukraine: US State Dept

United States State Department on Thursday claimed that Russia is “exploring arrangements” to get more weapons from North Korea to boost its offences against Ukraine.

As per an Anadolu Agency news report, State Department spokesman Ned Price stated that perhaps out of desperation, Russia had turned to several other countries, such as Iran and North Korea, to obtain “the wares that it is unable to produce or acquire through other means”.

Price also claimed that Russia’s shift toward Iran and North Korea is due to its inability to produce organic products and the export control sanctions that the United States imposed on Russia’s economic trips.

Russia started the process of purchasing millions of artillery shells and rockets from North Korea in early September to assist its war effort.

However, currently, no arms deal has been reached between the two countries.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ned Price stated that the US has abundant evidence of Iran-made drones being used in Russia’s recent attacks on Ukraine.

He also claimed that Iran is constantly lying about the supply of weapons to Russia, but that the US and its allies are working to prevent this transfer of weapons to Russia.

Price also threatened Iran and Russia with sanctions if they do not halt the transfer.


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