Russian strikes kill 11 in Ukrainian president’s hometown

Picture source - AFP (for visual reference only - Russian missile strike in southern Syria in March 2020)
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Ukrainian officials reported that a strike on Tuesday hit buildings in Kryvyi Rih, resulting in the death of at least 11 people and injuring 28 others. The city was already facing the aftermath of the Kakhovka dam disaster, making the situation even more challenging. The attack was believed to be the latest in a series that targeted civilians.

Rescue operations were concluded on Tuesday afternoon in Kryvyi Rih, according to Serhiy Lysak, the governor of the Dnipro region. Oleksandr Vilkul, the head of the city’s administration, stated that 12 injured individuals were receiving hospital treatment among the total number of casualties. A day of mourning will be observed on Wednesday.

President Volodymyr Zelensky shared video footage on social media depicting the severe damage to a residential building in Kryvyi Rih, his hometown. The footage reveals a five-story building with shattered windows and small fires. Burned-out cars are scattered on the ground.

Russian forces have intensified their attacks on Ukrainian cities since May, including the capital, Kyiv. They have employed various weapons, such as drones and advanced missiles, causing chaos and panic among residents. Ukraine has been successful in defending against Russian air attacks, but debris from intercepted missiles and drones has still caused casualties throughout the country.

Earlier on Tuesday, air-raid sirens sounded in Kyiv and Kharkiv, prompting residents to seek shelter. In Kharkiv, a building and a warehouse were hit. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that their air defenses destroyed a significant number of cruise missiles and intercepted one of the Iranian-made Shahed drones used in the Russian strike.

Kryvyi Rih, located approximately 100 miles from the front line in eastern Ukraine, has already been severely affected by the recent destruction of the Kakhovka dam. The local authorities have urged residents to conserve water due to decreased supplies. As the floodwaters recede, the humanitarian disaster resulting from the dam’s destruction has become more evident. The blame has been placed on Russia, with Ukraine accusing President Vladimir V. Putin’s forces of diverting Ukrainian resources during their counteroffensive.