Russian wheat shipment is scheduled to arrive on September 8

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The first import container, carrying 55,000 tons of wheat that was purchased privately, departed from Russia for Pakistan and will arrive at Karachi Port on September 8.

The item’s second shipment is scheduled to arrive on September 14. 4 lakh tons of wheat have reportedly been purchased so far, according to importers.

Over 9 lakh tons will be imported by the private sector, the majority of which would be delivered to Karachi. The city’s flour mills are currently having trouble obtaining supply of wheat, which has led to pricing instability.

The market-speculating flour mills attempted to thwart private sector imports of wheat but were unsuccessful.

The list of flour mills and hoarders in Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalnagar who are reportedly engaged in illegal wheat trafficking is also being put together by intelligence authorities. The intelligence agencies have so far discovered evidence that some of them are guilty.