Saba Qamar’s Marilyn Monroe look doesn’t sit right with many

For the premier of her film ‘Kamli’ which got released on June 3, Saba Qamar decided to go for a blue-coloured sleeveless Maxi which gave her a Marilyn Monroe look, which she also pulled off through her hair which had been styled exactly in the American model’s way.

However, not many found the inspiration attractive, especially when it came to Saba Qamar’s looks which she gave while posing in the dress. Her expressions came out as somewhat reserved, appearing to many as a clear exhibition of a discomfort at carrying the dress. Seeing that, a lot of commentators took to the comments section of the premier’s photos to school Saba for wearing a maxi she couldn’t carry with ease.

While this was the major reason why many did not approve of it, a certain segment had its ideological clashes with Saba Qamar’s dressing. From that group, people decided to tell the ‘Hindi Medium’ diva that being popular does not always mean that one has to go for dresses which do not adhere to the nation’s social and religious ideologies, and that it would have been better had she decided to go for a simpler dress so that more and more people who look up to her would have felt stimulated to watch her film.