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Sadaf Kanwal’s clothing line gets bashed for being too expensive

Although, super-model and actress Sadaf Kanwal launched her clothing line by the name of ‘Unmixed’ in February, a lot of people got to know about it just recently when one of the dresses advertised by Kanwal’s clothing brand had its price as high as 30,000 rupees resulting in an uproar on the internet.

Several people took to social media to school Sadaf Kanwal for selling a simple and single-colored dress at such a high price, a replica of which the ‘Alif’ fame actress was observed wearing herself on a show at a local channel. People didn’t shy away from telling Sadaf Kanwal that she cannot sell such expensive clothes in the name of casual wear at least. Some went to the extent of saying that it would be better for Pakistanis to invest in gold rather than in Sadaf Kanwal’s brand.

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A lot of celebrities, however, came to the rescue of their colleague, with Javeria Abbasi saying that people who are not happy with the prices of Sadaf Kanwal may not buy her stuff. It’s as simple as that, as no one is forcing them to shop from the actress’s clothing line.

Nadia Hussain, herself a model and actress, also took to her Instagram account to say that no one is entitled to tell a businessperson regarding the prices he or she should be allotting to their product. ‘It’s Sadaf Kanwal’s business and it’s her right to sell her dresses at any price she likes,’ said Hussain, asking people to stay away from the brand if it upsets them so much.



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