Saira Banu expresses her admiration for Shah Rukh Khan

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Renowned Indian actress Saira Banu recently shared her heartfelt appreciation for Bollywood’s “Badshah,” Shah Rukh Khan. On her Instagram, she revealed that Khan was the first to console her after the passing of her husband, the legendary actor Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar, an iconic figure in Bollywood, passed away in July of this year. Shah Rukh Khan was among the dignitaries who paid their final respects to the late actor at his residence. Last week, Saira Banu took to Instagram to express her admiration for King Khan, describing him as a “remarkable actor” and an “incredibly sweet, well-mannered, and considerate individual.”

In a previous interview, Saira Banu had remarked, “I have always said that if we had a son, he might have looked like Shah Rukh… Both he and Saab (Dilip Kumar) are a lot alike.” Khan himself has acknowledged the resemblance, stating that his mother believed he looked like Dilip Kumar.

In her recent Instagram post, Saira Banu also highlighted Khan’s love and respect for her late husband. She recounted the moment when Dilip Sahib passed away on July 7th, leaving her bereft, and how Shah Rukh emerged as a source of comfort. She noted that Khan was among the first to offer his solace in the face of adversity and expressed his affection for the “Kohinoor of Hindustan,” Dilip Sahib.