Sajal Aly to play Umrao Jaan in eight-part series

Actress Sajal Aly is ready to take on a once-in-a-lifetime endeavour. The actor is getting ready to play Umrao Jaan in a Pakistani rendition of the well-known novel Umrao Jaan Ada.

A classic Urdu literature book written by Mirza Hadi Ruswa in 1899 is renowned for its depiction of 19th-century India, including its culture, society, and courtesans’ lives.

There have been various cinematic adaptations of the book. Producer Hamid Hussain is in charge of the most recent. Sajal will play the lead role in the Umrao Jaan Ada adaption, which is in the works, Hussain confirmed to local media news.

He noted that, in contrast to earlier efforts, Aly’s Umrao Jaan is an eight-part series. “It won’t be a movie, but an eight-part series. Sajal is one of the two female leads we are working with in this series.”

Hussain claimed it to be a previously unheard story but noted that the original literature served as inspiration, so expect grandeur. “Since it’s a series rather than a three-hour movie, we have more room to improve the characters and craft the plot in a more skilled way.”

He added the following reasons why Aly is the ideal option to portray Umrao Jaan, “It’s a classic romance tale, and Sajal looks stunning. She was the ideal candidate to capture the grace and regality necessary to be cast in Umrao Jaan.”

Hasan Tariq previously produced and directed the 1972 Pakistani film Umrao Jaan Ada, which starred Rani. Across the border, Rekha appeared in Muzaffar Ali’s well-liked rendition of Umrao Jaan from 1981, while Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starred in JP Dutta’s Umrao Jaan in 2006.