Sajal Aly urges collective action to protect children from exploitation and abuse

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Acclaimed actor Sajal Aly has passionately appealed for collective action to safeguard children, following the disturbing incident of a 14-year-old domestic worker being brutally abused by the wife of Judge Asim Hafeez in the federal capital of Pakistan. Sajal Aly firmly stated that it is crucial to halt the exploitation of children as laborers and to put an end to their mistreatment.

She implored people to be vigilant and promptly report any instances of child labor or abuse they come across. Sajal emphasized the need for unity in exerting pressure on authorities to protect children and ensure their well-being. According to her, children should be in school, enjoying their childhood, rather than being forced to work in such conditions.

The video message by Sajal Aly was shared by veteran actor Nadia Jamil, who also spoke out strongly against the exploitation and mistreatment of children. Nadia pointed out that often children are kept as servants or slaves without anyone being aware of their plight, and they are denied their right to education.

Nadia urged everyone to be part of the solution by speaking up and reporting those who employ children for labor. She emphasized that poverty alleviation should not come at the cost of robbing innocent children of their childhood, education, and well-being.

The incident involving the 14-year-old domestic worker prompted public outcry, with the victim’s family lodging a complaint against the employers who denied the accusations.

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