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Sana Javed defamation case: FIA finds no evidence of ‘smear campaign’

Sana Javed made it to the news last month for all the wrong reasons. Several make-up artists called out the actress and model for her condescending attitude towards them, relating their respective horrible experiences of working with her. In response, Sana Javed filed legal complaints against most of them through her lawyer, arguing that it was nothing but a smear campaign against her.

Interrogations continued for almost a month, after which the head of FIA Sindh’s Cybercrime Wing, Imran Riaz, took it to Twitter to say that the case had been closed because no evidence of a ‘smear campaign’, as the actress put it, had been found. The entire body of statuses which got uploaded on the internet against Sana Javed, according to the FIA, was but a bunch of personal experiences related by various people, and not a campaign. Even the technical team couldn’t find any evidence of the ‘planned smear campaign’. Here’s how the complete Twitter status of Imran Riaz went:

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“The complaint filed by actress Sana Javed against her cyber defamation has been closed. The provided evidence was closely scrutinized by the legal team and the content found was about sharing of personal experiences of different coworkers while at work with Sana Javed.”

The actress hasn’t responded to the tweet yet, but all the artists who had spoken up against her surely have, expressing happiness at the fact that their complaints against the actress’s rude behaviour haven’t been turned down or gone to waste.



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