Sandal Khattak approaches court for case against Hareem Shah

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TikTok sensation Sandal Khattak, hailing from Kirk, has taken a bold step by filing an application in court under Section 22A to initiate legal action against Hareem Shah, another social media personality known for her controversial activities.

The petition was presented before District and Sessions Judge Ashfaq Taj, where Sandal Khattak expressed her grievances, stating that Hareem Shah had engaged in spreading malicious and defamatory content about her on various social media platforms.

The petition highlighted that Sandal Khattak had previously reported the matter to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), seeking redress. Unfortunately, no action was taken, and the petitioner pleaded with the court to direct the FIA to proceed with legal proceedings against Hareem Shah.

Additionally, Sandal Khattak appealed to the court for personal security due to receiving threats related to the ongoing dispute. However, the court dismissed the petition on the grounds of inadmissibility.

It is crucial to recognize the courage exhibited by Sandal Khattak in standing up against the online harassment and false allegations she has faced. While her plea may have been rejected in this instance, it is imperative for authorities to address such matters seriously and ensure a safe digital environment for all individuals, irrespective of their social media prominence.