Sandal Khattak denies apologizing to Hareem Shah

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    Sandal Khattak, a TikToker who was recently granted bail in the Hareem Shah video leak case, has denied the allegations made by Shah that she apologized to her rival. Speaking at a press conference in Peshawar, Khattak stated that neither she nor any of her family members had apologized to Shah.”There is nothing like that, neither I nor any of my family members have apologised [to Shah],” she said. She also asserted that the allegations made against her by Shah were false.

    Khattak mentioned that during the investigation, no evidence was found against her, which eventually led to her being granted bail. However, she mentioned that her mobile phone was still in the possession of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

    The TikToker revealed that her friendship with Shah had ended long ago when they returned to Pakistan from Dubai. She claimed that Shah had caused a lot of trouble even in Dubai and that her name would often come up whenever videos were leaked.

    Khattak refuted Shah’s accusations and stated that a court case was underway regarding the leaked videos, with different narratives being presented in the media. “A case is going on in the court in this regard and a different story is going on in the media.” she maintained.

    In the case related to the video leak filed by Shah, Khattak was arrested by the FIA on June 12. Both Shah and Khattak appeared in court, where Shah alleged that Khattak was blackmailing her with indecent photos. Shah presented the videos and pictures as evidence in the courtroom.

    On June 23, Khattak’s bail was approved by a court in Islamabad, according to her lawyer.