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Sania Saeed experiments with her hair again

After keeping the same look for almost three decades, it is now that Sania Saeed has started experimenting with her hair. The veteran actress equally famous for her curls got her hair chopped just a few months back, almost giving herself a boy-cut, which she later on dyed maroon as well, with which she marked her presence at multiple showbiz parties.

People couldn’t help noticing the major change in Sania Saeed’s look, someone they had been observing remaining contented with the same hairstyle from the days of ‘Aahat’ to the days of the currently running super-hit serial ‘Sang e Mah’.

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Now, Saeed has changed her hairstyle once again, and ace make-up artist Tariq Amin has aided her in this regard. The actress can now be seen in hair which are still of the same length in which she got them cut a few months back, the addition being the straightening which she has gotten done for herself this time.

Sania Saeed now has short, straightened hair, their color being a mixture of maroon and black, and the actress seems quite satisfied with them, hence her caption: “When you surrender your hair to the magician called Tariq Amin. No one does it better dearest. Love you. Thank you so much.”



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