Sara Neelam apologizes for her remarks about oversees in Mazaaq Raat

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Actress Sara Neelam has issued an apology for her remarks regarding overseas Pakistanis during a comedy program aired on a private TV channel show Mazaaq Raat hosted by Vasay Chaudry.

In a video message, Sara Neelam expressed regret for her participation in the joke night show, the clips of which recently went viral and caused distress among overseas Pakistanis.

She explained that the show was scripted, and she had been informed that if anything seemed offensive, it was meant to be taken lightly. Throughout the video, jokes were made from start to finish. However, she had not anticipated the extent to which her words would upset people.

Neelam shared her emotional turmoil caused by the negative comments directed at her on social media, emphasizing the mental distress she experienced.

She pleaded for forgiveness, stating that everyone makes mistakes, and even God forgives mistakes. Neelam hoped that people would understand the difficulties she is currently facing, including concerns from her own family, as she comes from a respectable background. She expressed her sincere hope that she would be forgiven by the public.