Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir name their baby Alyana Falak

Ever since the wedding of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir, Pakistanis have been crazily following the two. To add to the fans’ inquisitiveness, the couple has also always shared the smallest details of their married life on their social media handles. From the past few months, Sarah Khan’s pregnancy was the talk of the town, for that too, like all other activities of the couple, was given much hype.

On October 8, also marking the 1st of the Islamic month of Rabi ul Awwal, Sarah Khan gave birth to a baby girl.

The husband, Falak Shabbir, took to Instagram to express his happiness at being blessed with a daughter, which is considered a holy blessing in Islam. He added that his happiness has been doubled, considering that they have given birth to a daughter on a sacred day like Friday and that too in the month of blessings which is Rabi ul Awwal.

Shabir also told that the baby girl has been named Alyana Falak while thanking all of his fans for the tremendous outpour of love they have been showing for both Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir.