Sarah Khan opens up about her jealousy of her daughter

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The power couple of industry; Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir always share beautiful chemistry. We found them complementing and adoring each other. But after the birth of their daughter Alyana, Raqs e Bismil star is not happy with the divided attention of her husband Falak Shabir.

She opened up about her jealousy in a cute manner on Shan-e-Suhoor show. Nida Yasir asked Sarah Khan when Falak gives more attention to her daughter, then does she feel jealous? The actress validated this factor and said that she does not often but she always gets jealous of her daughter when she gets more attention from her husband Falak.

Falak Shabir also added that now whenever he comes home he hugs his daughter and gives time to her so this makes Sarah jealous. She also complained about this. Then the singer Falak realized that it is a matter of serious concern.

Sarah further added, that previously whenever he used to come home he used to see her first but now he ignores her and goes straight to their daughter.

We found these complaints of Sarah cute and legit.