Sarwat Gilani shares spellbinding picture of famous Lahore chowk, and people are loving it

A versatile actor and painter par excellence, Sarwat Gilani has revealed another talent of hers, that of seeing the beauty inherent in important landmarks and capturing them in her camera’s lens.

As can be seen in her Instagram stories, Sarwat Gilani is in Lahore these days and is visiting all the significant places of the historically important and magical city.

One of these photos immediately caught the attention of fans, which happened to be of Lahore’s Istanbul Chowk with a special focus on the tree-shaped birdhouse built on it which was built not more than a decade ago.

The photo looked bewitching due to its time of capture. Taken sometime in the evening, the chowk’s photo was captioned #Dil Mein Jagha by Gilani and looked like a still from an aesthetically pleasing art film.

As soon as the actress and social worker uploaded the photo, countless comments poured in, praising both the city of Lahore as well as Gilani’s photography skills.

Although Sarwat Gilani shared a couple of other photos of Lahore, including those of Anarkali Bazaar and the National College of Arts (NCA), the one that was and is still being admired is that of Istanbul Chowk, surrounded by the most important of Pakistan’s educational institutes such as NCA, Punjab University, Government College University and King Edward Medical University.