Sarwat Gilani shuns internet trolls and bullies

Actress Sarwat Gilani called out the internet trolls who spread hate, telling them that celebrities are also humans with feelings and that the negative has a big impact on them.

“Let’s call out trolls because I feel that a lot of celebs suffer through a lot of bad moments, they practically fall in despair, insecurity [and] shame,” the Churails actor stated during an appearance on the FWhy Podcast.

Haters should reflect on their actions and fight the impulse to spew animosity online, she advised.

“Social media has made it quite easy for people to interact, yet not everyone’s opinions are positive or considerate.”

“It’s crucial to tell your truth as a personality out in public because people assume everything about your life which is potentially not true,” she said about the recent documentary and public criticism of Prince Harry and Megan.

Gilani referred to online hatred as “lethal,” adding that it causes people to stop using social media because “it creeps under your skin.”

The performer claimed she doesn’t allow herself to be bullied when talking about herself.

“I am the bully; I am immune to bullying. I will always be a bully to those that bully me. I never use bullying tactics on timid or weak people. I believe that having a keyboard and an internet connection alone does not grant you the right to disparage others.”