Saudi Arabia brings self-driving buses for comfort of Hajj Pilgrims

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A new self-driving bus service has been launched for the comfort of Hajj pilgrims. Modern autonomous buses are available for use during this year’s Hajj trip in addition to conventional transportation alternatives.

At the Zeofur Rehman facility, these cars are a part of the recently introduced automated shuttle bus service.

The effort, spearheaded by the Saudi Transport Authority, intends to offer a transportation alternative that is cost-effective and has better characteristics while also being kind to the environment.

The 11-seat autonomous buses, which are propelled by artificial intelligence, can run for up to six hours on a single battery.

It is the first time that such self-driving technology has been used during Hajj thanks to this innovative idea.

The organizers hope to improve the pilgrims’ experience while embracing the advantages of contemporary transportation technologies by integrating autonomous vehicles into the transit system.

This cutting-edge form of transportation is now available to pilgrims, which is in line with the increased focus on technology and its role in enhancing a variety of human endeavors.