SC decision to annul Review of Orders and Judges Act will not affect Nawaz Sharif’s case, says Tarar

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Former Law Minister Nazir Tarar has said that the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the Review of Orders and Judges Act will not have any effect on Nawaz Sharif’s case.

Azam Nazir Tarar said that the constitution has laid down the procedure how the institutions have to run, the work of the court is to decide the cases and provide justice to the people, repeated interference of the court in the authority of parliament is not a good tradition, and this interference will not strengthen the institutions.

He said that the impression is that the absence of parliament was taken advantage of, this law was an old demand of bar councils and bar associations, it is beyond understanding that the doctor who is not being cured is being said to have a second operation with him, the constitution says that you can have a lawyer of your choice.

The PML-N leader said that this decision will not have any effect in Nawaz Sharif’s case because the parliament has passed a law to increase the disqualification to five years on punishment under 184/3, after the amendment of the Election Act, the disqualification cannot be more than five years, participation in politics is a fundamental right. There is no disqualification beyond 5 years of conviction.

Azam Nazir further said that a review petition can be filed against the decision of the Supreme Court, there is a period of 20 days for review against the decision, these decisions will be taken later, this decision of the Supreme Court has affected the autonomy of parliament.