Scientists write open letter to world leaders on ocean conservation

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The world’s eminent and international scientists, marine biologists and climate experts have said that oceans around the world are facing extraordinary threats.
In particular, there is a need to stop the assimilation of carbon dioxide into the oceans, with emphasis on research and technology, 200 experts wrote in an open letter.

The letter is also signed by experts and insists on accelerating research and efforts on ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (OCDR), meaning that Carbon dioxide should be prevented from being absorbed into the oceans in any way.

This letter is issued ahead of the seventy-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly, which will be held in New York. In this context, we have also seen the terrible phenomena of climate change and this year has also witnessed many of the hottest days on record. , the clear reason is that carbon sequestration is increasing global warming.

According to the letter, the carbon dioxide we are emitting into the atmosphere is affecting Earth’s sensitive systems and the world’s oceans are absorbing 50 times more carbon dioxide than they can carry, thus increasing ocean temperatures and acidity, thus causing an apocalypse for marine life. It is also written in the letter that there is a need to stop every way of emission of carbon dioxide.

The signatory scientists have also said that they are doing their best in this regard, but they have also called for new methods, legislation and frameworks, according to the letter, to make the oceans safe and sustainable for future generations. It is necessary.
The letter urges world leaders to play their role in this regard.