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Monday, January 30, 2023
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Second round of NSC meeting, significant decisions expected

The second round of the National Security Committee (NSC) has begun in which significant decisions regarding economic and security are expected.

The important meeting regarding economy and security guidelines is being attended by senior civilian and military leaders whereas, PM Shehbaz is the head of the committee.

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Earlier, the first round of meetings took place to approve new economic and security guidelines to tackle the rise of terrorism in the country.

According to experts, it is highly unusual for the NSC meeting to go into a second round, and it is anticipated that decisions will be made that address terrorism as well as the crushing economy of the nation.

The NSC is determined to increase the pressure on militancy by taking ruthless preventive and countermeasures to neutralize the risks now posed to the nation in any form.

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The conference was called after Pakistan’s law and order situation deteriorated as terrorist militant groups like the TTP, the Islamic State group, the Gul Bahadur group, and the Balochistan insurgencies increased their violent actions.

Concerns about the safety of their population were recently raised in the halls of power due to recent events, including the attempted suicide bombing in Islamabad and the incident at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police’s Counter-Terrorism Department interrogation centre in Bannu.


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