Section 144 implemented in Peshawar for 10 days

Section 144 has been implemented in Peshawar for the next 10 days due to security concerns.

Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar Shafiullah has claimed that gatherings of five or more individuals have been forbidden for security reasons.

In light of the serious security situation Section 144 has been enforced starting today and lasting for 10 days, a statement released by the media cell of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office of Peshawar said. Violations will result in consequences, the notification warned.

The Deputy Commissioner enforced Section 144 at a time when Peshawar Olsi Tehreek, a non-political group, planned to demonstrate against the law and order situation and banned TTP following a bomb in police lines.

At the Jama Masjid in Peshawar’s Police Lines neighbourhood, a suicide bomber on Monday killed more than 100 people, the majority of them were police officers and government employees.