Sehat card back in action in KP

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The Sehat Card Plus program is back in action after the allocation of two billion rupees, as per an official notification.

The Provincial Finance Department has disbursed two billion rupees to support the Sehat Card Plus program, which will enable numerous families to access healthcare services.

State Life Insurance Corporation (SLIC), a government-owned insurance company, had previously suspended Sehat Card Plus services on multiple occasions due to delayed funding.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sehat Card Plus services were halted due to the provincial government’s unpaid dues. In response, SLIC issued directives to registered hospitals in the province, advising them not to admit new patients under the Sehat Card Plus program.

The unresolved dues, amounting to 13.5 billion rupees from the previous fiscal year, have carried over from the previous caretaker government and remain outstanding to this day.