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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
EditorialSelling foreign conspiracy, nationalism

Selling foreign conspiracy, nationalism

Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to the public twice in as many days, and has tried his best to sell nationalism and international conspiracies to the public. This makes one thing clear: Mr Khan is preparing for new elections. In his address to the nation on the state television, stated that a letter was delivered to him which threatened him and subsequently his nation. In a slip of tongue, he mentioned America, but corrected himself right after by saying that not the US but a foreign country. The origin of the letter and how it was delivered is still unclear, however, the Prime Minister Khan mentioned that it was delivered before the idea of the no-confidence motion was tabled by opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif. He said that the letter contained a threat that if Imran Khan is not removed through a no-confidence motion, then there will be consequences for Pakistan and if the opposition is successful in this endeavor, Pakistan will not be a target. As per the prime minister, the letter was delivered before talks began regarding the no-confidence motion in Pakistan.

Therefore, he said in his address that there is foreign involvement in the vote against him and that all those who are against him and his government are traitors. If the letter exists, which it surely does, diplomatic means should have been used to respond to whichever foreign country sent it. It is good that the prime minister is letting the nation know about it, however, at this point it seems more like a way to gain sympathy and support. In his address, the prime minister mentioned his many efforts for the betterment of Pakistan and his struggle to get to the point where he is today. Although the odds are highly against him, the man looked unfazed and was confident that whatever he has done for the nation was in its best interest. He explained that since the first day of his struggle, his aim was to empower the common man and create a state that does not differentiate between classes, rather it provides safety, security and justice to all. He said that he will continue his struggle and will not at any cost resign from his position. He said that even in cricket he played till the last ball and now as the prime minister, he will stay until he is allowed to and work for the nation.

On Friday, the prime minister again sat with a talk show host on ARY and talked about some face-saving options, which the establishment offered him to end the deadlock. The options included: early elections, resignation of the prime minister or facing the no-confidence motion. The prime minister agreed to the early election option, which was turned down by the opposition.

In recent days, the prime minister and his party have taken a strong position on the alleged foreign conspiracy.

The sane course, however, is that the prime minister talked about his political struggle and the achievements of his government. It is true that his government did bring about revolutionary projects which have empowered the common man, especially women and farmers. However, after losing many of his allies, this address seemed to be a desperate effort to gain public support. For those who sold their allyship, Imran Khan said that neither the nation nor he will forget their betrayal and they will be remembered as the untrustworthy and the opportunists.

If it is true that there are foreign powers involved in this no-confidence motion, Pakistan is losing a man who truly wanted to work, for the country to those who have sold their loyalties. If there are no foreign hands in the recent saga, one can safely say that Pakistan must be saved from the hawkish people like Imran Khan. Let’s wait for history’s verdict.


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