Senator from US emphasizes absence of political engineering in Pakistan

US senator emphasizes No interference in Pakistani politics, advocates strong bilateral relations

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Senator Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat representing Maryland in the United States, has unequivocally rejected allegations of US interference in Pakistani politics, underscoring Washington’s desire for a robust bilateral relationship with Islamabad. He stated that the impression of political meddling by the US in Pakistan is entirely false. Senator Van Hollen emphasized that the United States respects the sovereignty of Pakistan and values the power of its people to choose their leadership through free and fair elections.

During an event organized by the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America in Washington, Senator Van Hollen clarified that the US government is committed to fostering strong bilateral ties with Pakistan. He highlighted an example of this partnership in the form of US assistance to Pakistani flood victims.

The senator stressed the importance of free and fair elections as a fundamental component of democracy, both in Pakistan and any other democratic nation. He expressed his hope that the cordial relationship between the two countries would contribute to global stability and security.

Senator Van Hollen also mentioned that the United States played a significant role in facilitating a loan for Pakistan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), further highlighting the cooperative nature of US-Pakistan relations.

The event, which was attended by Pakistan’s Ambassador Masood Khan, aimed to recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions made by physicians of Pakistani descent.

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