Seven rape cases of women in 48 hours in Lahore

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    According to a recent report, police stations registered 7 rape cases of women against different culprits within 48 hours in Lahore, a city in Punjab. The alarming number of rape incidents of women and minors has caused an upheaval in Pakistani society.

    According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the police station, the accused Hanif raped the woman in Shad Bagh. Accused Azhar raped a girl in Nawab Town on the pretense of marriage. According to another FIR, the accused Asghar raped an 11-year-old girl in Nawab Town. Accused Vikram Masih raped the girl in Nishtar Colony on the pretense of marriage. Accused Abrar raped the girl in DHA. Accused Faisal in Shera Kot entered the house and raped the girl.

    According to some reports, Punjab has been the hub of incidents of sexual violence, domestic violence, and everyday street harassment. With every passing day, the country becomes harder and harder for women to survive in.  Despite such a threatening situation, the government fails to provide a safe environment for women and children.

    One could blame the persisting religious extremism in the country which crushes the dignity and rights of women every day, or criticize political leaders who consider men to be robots and blame women for provoking men to rape them, but it does not change the fact that Pakistani society is rotten to the core.