Shahbaz Gill declared proclaimed offender

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A local court in Islamabad has declared Shahbaz Gill a proclaimed offender for failing to appear before it in a sedition case.

During the hearing, Judge Tahir Abbas Sapra said that the proceedings of the proclaimed offender are canceled when the accused appear in person.

Judge Tahir Abbas Sapra remarked that Shahbaz Gill had left the country on the pretext of four weeks, now he has started working smartly.

The defense lawyer said that Shahbaz Gill has gone abroad due to his sickness and did not run away.

During the hearing, the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) and National Database and Registration Agency (NADRA) submitted a report of Shahbaz Gill’s properties to the court.

Both the petitions filed by Shahbaz Gill were rejected by the court.

Shahbaz Gill had filed a petition in the court to stop the hearing in the Sessions Court and appear through video link.

The court summoned Shahbaz Gill in his personal capacity on July 31.