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Shahzad Akbar departs for Dubai

Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) advisor on accountability Shahzad Akbar on Sunday left Islamabad for Dubai after his name was removed from the stop list on the orders of the Islamabad High court.

Akbar left Islamabad for Dubai on a flight at 3:10 pm, from where he will go to London. It should be noted that a few days ago, the names of six key aides of Imran Khan, including Shahzad Akbar and Shahbaz Gill, were included in the stop list by the FIA, against which these persons had approached the Islamabad High Court. The names of Shahzad Akbar and others were removed from the stop list on the orders of the Islamabad High Court.

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Earlier, the chief justice had remarked that this is a serious matter. “Was martial law imposed in the country? When did the FIA become so independent that it started an inquiry against the government people?” Justice Minaullah questioned. He added that the court will not allow this at all. “Is there a new FIA? The FIA has been monitoring the conduct for two years,” he said. The Islamabad High Court had also sought a report from the DG FIA and the home secretary.

Minaullah also suspended the ban against former principal secretary Azam Khan, Imran’s ex-focal person on digital media Dr. Arslan Khalid, and Mohammad Nafees Gohar. The IHC had issued a notification to the interior secretary and the director-general of the FIA and further ordered them to reveal the authority under which the petitioners’ names had been placed on the ‘stop list’. Justice Minaullah demanded the FIA provide proof that this action wasn’t an act of revenge against ex-PM Imran Khan’s aides.



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