Shahzad Waseem denounces May 9 incidents; more people quit PTI

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Shahzad Waseem, a senator from PTI, has denounced the violent episodes on May 9 in which military sites were attacked, but he has also vowed to carry out his obligations as the leader of the opposition I the Senate of pakistan.

Speaking to the media in Islamabad, he praised the Pakistan Army for its “sacrifices and efforts in defending the country” and described the attack on the Lahore Corps Commander House as “unacceptable”. He said, “You cannot light your house by setting it on fire.”

The senator announced his intention to remain with the PTI and stated that it was incumbent upon him to fulfill his “parliamentary role as the opposition leader even in these difficult times.”

On the othet side, PTI’s former MPA from Peshawar Shaukat Ali has also announced his resignation from the party, citing the bloodshed on May 9 as justification.

Shaukat Ali reaffirmed his solidarity with the army and promised continuous support to the soldiers in all ways while speaking at a news conference in Peshawar.

He announced, “I am leaving my position on the advisory council and my membership in PTI. In addition, I’m returning the party ticket I ran on in the by-election.

Similarly, Khusro Bakhtiar, another leader of the PTI, has declared his intention to resign from his position within the party, citing the “May 9 incidents” as the catalyst for his change of heart.

Bakhtiar declared his intention to step down from important posts, including his membership in the core committee and the leadership of the South Punjab chapter, in a video message.

He made a point of stating that the events of May 9 had forced him to put some space between himself and the PTI.