Shaista Lodhi announces comeback as Nadia Khan bids farewell to morning shows again

Nadia Khan, probably the only morning show host who takes care to impart useful content, is once again leaving her job, this time from Pakistan Television network (PTV), the morning show of which Khan took up as a host after her simultaneous comeback into dramas and shows around 2018.

Nadia Khan continued to host the government channel’s morning show for almost four years, off and on mentioning that PTV is the only platform that has allowed her to present the kind of stuff she has always wanted to present instead of hankering after cheap publicity stunts for the sake of mere ratings.

However, it seems that commercialism and the desire to attain more and more ratings has also affected PTV, for Nadia Khan, while announcing her farewell, said in a video message that the reason behind leaving morning shows once again has been the content.

The actress and host further elucidated the point by saying how she had not much to do with the content being shown because it would be in accordance with the channel producers’ demands. Therefore, she decided to walk out of the entire thing and allow Shaista Lodhi to replace her.

As much as it is disappointing that Nadia Khan won’t be hosting anymore, it’s inspiring all the same to see how she has preferred to leave instead of compromising on the quality of her show. It seems as if Nadia Khan knows well how she has been a trendsetter in the field of morning shows, with educational segments on exercises and film reviews, and intellect characterizing her shows more than a decade ago.

With Shaista Lodhi re-entering the arena, it is yet to be seen how the format of PTV’s morning show gets revised.