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Sharjeel wants PTI’s social media team banned over fake news

Says Pakistan will face a very big crisis if foreign aid is stopped

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon on Tuesday called for a ban on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) social media team for becoming a “security risk” to the country after allegedly spearheading a campaign on the social media regarding the misappropriation of relief goods for Sindh flood victims.

Memon had first made the allegations in a press conference on Monday and demanded the government take “immediate action” against elements involved in the “heinous campaign”.

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Doubling down on his claims in a press conference in Karachi on Tuesday, the information minister said PTI Chairman Imran Khan was also involved in the ‘campaign’.

“At this point, I think, considering what the PTI and Imran Khan’s role is, I appeal to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the chief justice of Pakistan and all important institutions to take immediate notice of this disgusting campaign,” he said, demanding an immediate and complete ban on the PTI’s social media wing as its team and Imran Khan himself had “become a security” risk to the country and the nation. He added that it was inappropriate to stop someone from politics, adding that if someone – for the sake of politics – was engaged in enmity against the state, nation and flood victims and sending a message to the world not to help flood-hit people then “there is no lower or shameful action.”

“It is everyone’s legal, constitutional and national responsibility that such a party and such people be immediately brought under the law and be punished accordingly,” Memon said, adding that if foreign aid was stopped then Pakistan could face a very big crisis. “People are fighting the war for their survival and one party, the PTI… its conspiracies cannot be tolerated in any situation,” he said. He again urged the ECP, SC, federal government and Interior Ministry to become active and take immediate notice of the issue.

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The minister alleged that the PTI was trying to send a message to the world about the alleged discrepancies in relief efforts to make the government unsuccessful. In that case, flood victims would not get aid from international aid agencies and other friendly countries, he said.

“[Considering] the message they’re sending… can they be called patriots? Can we say these people are loyal to the country or helping flood victims? Even India and Israel didn’t do such a disgusting campaign as the PTI is doing.”

Sharjeel Memon said that a party that called itself a federal party was now “unfortunately playing the role of an enemy of the country”.

He said the Sindh government was wholly committed to and focused on relief, rescue and rehabilitation efforts and serving the people instead of engaging in politics. He said Imran and the PTI’s right to engage in politics after the above-mentioned alleged campaign had finished. He added that no political party had engaged in politics or similar actions during crisis and calamity in the country’s history.

“Morally, legally and constitutionally, Imran has lost his right to engage in politics. He has no right to do politics in this country. He should be behind bars along with all those who did this.”



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