Shedding light on unsung heroes of deaf community

In our busy lives trying hard to survive, we may or may not end up making a difference in society. We follow the same routine as thousands of other people in our country. On the other hand, some brilliant individuals struggle to find a platform for their recognition every single day. All they need is acknowledgement and equal opportunities for their voiceless protests in Pakistan. Today, I want to pay a tribute to iconic symbols of the deaf and hard of hearing (HoH) community.

Faizan — the owner of Abey Khao

Sheikh Faizan Raza and his siblings Syed Jawad Raza and Ayesha Raza started Abey Khao as a food cart but later expanded it into a full-fledged business, which was recently featured by BBC. Faizan faced many challenges as a young entrepreneur, such as being doubted as being too young and naive to run a business on his own, being bullied at school for not being able to speak normally due to his hearing problem, and being condemned for dropping out of college and starting a business instead. Faizan managed to silence all his detractors by standing firm. Today, the same people praise him and his prosperous business.

Kamran — graphic designer & IT expert

Kamran Lashari is Pakistan’s leading IT expert and graphic designer. He is also a deaf ambassador at DeafTawk. He plays a pivotal role in counselling and advising young members of the deaf community. He encourages other members to never give up and seek higher education, even when opportunities are scarce. Being deaf in Pakistan has made it difficult for Kamran to navigate the issues that have arisen. His rocky start became his motivation to work for an inclusive society and assist others in overcoming obstacles. Kamran intends to keep up the hard work and campaigning for deaf rights until the deaf community is given the attention it deserves on both a national and international scale.

Sakina Batool — content creator

Sakina Batool is a deaf influencer, activist, and content creator. For the past three years, Sakina has been actively exploring and creating content. She has been working hard to empower women, uplift the deaf community, and promote deaf tourism in Pakistan. Instead of giving up on the challenges, she faced since her childhood, Sakina stood strong and aimed to make a difference. She has successfully established a platform to support deaf women and the community as a whole. She is using her content to reach out to both the hearing and deaf communities, to bridge the communication gap.

Hassan — vlogger and blogger

In the massive industry of Pakistani Youtube vloggers, Hassan Ahmad is one of the most precious souls and a noteworthy media influencer. Differently-abled Hassan is Pakistan’s first deaf blogger and vlogger. The 23-year-old is a Rawalpindi resident who works as a graphic designer for an IT firm in addition to his love for making videos. Hassan maintains a blog on Facebook and Instagram, as well as vlogs on YouTube and the other two platforms. He uses social media platforms to promote the deaf community by posting pictures of his everyday life. He uses the internet to share his interests by posting videos and blogs about his field. Hassan is an inspiring person who can influence people with his differently-abled skills and passion for pursuing a career in his chosen field while working for the deaf community through his content.

Adnan — motorcyclist

Adnan Naseem is Pakistan’s youngest deaf motorcyclist to tour across the country on his bike. He is a young 24-year-old passionate rider from Kashmir. He says that his interest lies in travelling on his motorcycle through different cities of Pakistan. His aim in life is to educate and inspire young souls to never give up on their dreams and goals, irrespective of disabilities. Nothing should come between you and your ambitions. Riding across deserts and mountains, Adnan is here to conquer the world on his motorbike.
It should go without saying that differently-abled people deserve recognition and equal opportunities.

Kashaf Alvi is Pakistan's first differently-abled Certified Microsoft Associate, deaf book author, columnist, and short film script writer. He can be reached at