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Shehbaz a certified liar, stands exposed: Elahi

Punjab CM says his govt is utilizing Ehsas Programme for rehabilitation of flood victims 

Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi said that Imran Khan is an honest and straightforward person. “Neither he is a coward nor kneels down before anyone and believes in doing constructive work. Wherever someone says anything wrong about Imran Khan then I give a befitting reply,” he stated.

While addressing the 7th Convocation of the University of Gujrat, the CM stated that the number of lies Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had spoken in his life time had no precedent. Shehbaz Sharif’s name is included in the Guinness Book of World Records for telling lies; however, the Sharif brothers have hidden it. “Shehbaz Sharif closed Chaudhry Parvez Elahi Institute of Cardiology Wazirabad after coming into power. He has been badly exposed after coming into power.”

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The CM stated that the PDM gang has brought a massive price-hike in the country and whenever they come into power they take away dollars with them abroad, adding that they ask Ishaq Dar to bring the dollars back.

He underscored that Imran even sitting at home was working for the betterment of Pakistan. “We are moving towards the betterment of our future after ascertaining the right direction under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan. Imran Khan created a revolution in the health sector through the Health Card scheme.”

The CM stated that he often gives his point of view before Imran Khan which often proves correct, adding that “we have set the direction right to make a progressive nation” under the leadership of the PTI chairman. “Experience has its own course which often proves correct.” Elahi highlighted that our intentions are honest and we are moving in the right direction. “If the intentions are noble then Allah Almighty also grants help. The PML-N made propaganda that how come they can arrange money and by the grace of Allah Almighty we have plenty of money.” He revealed that the provincial government was also utilizing the Ehsas Programme for the rehabilitation of flood victims adding that monthly assistance would be given to a family having two children. We are providing free education and books to the children and have increased the stipends of children to 100 percent. Nazra and Quranic translation has been made compulsory for students in schools and colleges.

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The CM stated that we are not doing any wrong work and will be blessed with success adding that we are laying the foundation of our new generation on religion. “We have done a lot of work with regard of religion and a historic work has been done on the matter of Khatam-e-Nabuwat (SAW). The objectives behind providing excellent education, health, and treatment facilities are to obtain the target of making Pakistan a welfare state.”

The CM stated that Gujrat was not a district but a division, and added that Gujrat would be made a center of excellence by all means. “No one will need to go abroad for undergoing treatment or get an education. Doctors will also be hired from abroad… a 700 bedded Children’s Hospital will be established in Gujrat and better surgery equipment than CyberKnife  for the treatment of cancer will be introduced.” A separate dental college would be established in Gujrat and Chaudhry Parvez Elahi Institute of Cardiology Wazirabad would be upgraded from 200 beds to 400 beds, he said.

The CM further stated that Gujrat Industrial Estate under one widow operation would be launched in the coming six months. Development projects have been launched in Mandi Bahauddin, Hafizabad, and Wazirabad. CM while addressing the convocation stated that the presence of 62 percent female students at Gujrat University gives an excellent example of women’s empowerment. The environment has changed entirely with the establishment of a university in Gujrat as educated youth have eliminated the culture of the fight and quarreling.

The CM said that he was overjoyed to know that the sapling which was planted in the shape of Gujrat University has become a strong tree. He appreciated the performance of the Vice Chancellor of Gujrat University and stated that Prof Dr. Shabbar Atique and his team were doing excellent work. He said that no country can make any progress without attaining education nor a strong nation can be built. Allah Almighty blessed upon him the opportunity to serve the people again. The land of Gujrat holds the distinction of having two Nishan-e-Haider. The CM announced to the establishment of a state-of-the-art Engineering University at the cost of Rs9 billion in Gujrat. The students after getting an education from the Engineering University will also be given employment. He further announced that girl hostels will be set up in the University of Gujrat worth Rs42 crore adding that Rs15 crore will be disbursed to the University of Gujrat for purchasing 8 new buses. IT lab at the cost of Rs4 crore will be established at Gujrat University and we are also planning to build an auditorium in collaboration with US Aid and other philanthropists.

Condolence: Parvez Elahi visited the residence of Provincial Advisor Khalid Mahmood Cheema. He expressed his deep sense of sorrow and grief with Khalid Mahmood Cheema over the death of his brother Iftikhar Ahmed Cheema. CM expressed his heartfelt sympathy and condolence to Khalid Mahmood Cheema and the bereaved family.


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