Sheikh Rashid alleges Islamabad police raided his residence

Chairman Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid has claimed that Islamabad police raided his home.

On Saturday, after calming the raid, the latter denied undertaking any such activity and stated that the claim was “not based on facts.”

Rashid claimed that around 12:30 am, while he was in his home ‘Lal Haveli’ in Rawalpindi, the police conducted a raid on his apartment in the capital.

Sheikh Rashid reaffirmed his claims on the social media platform Twitter in a series of tweets.

In response to Rashid’s tweet, the Islamabad police said that neither the federal capital of Rawalpindi nor the city’s political leaders’ or workers’ homes had been searched the previous evening.

Additionally, it threatened legal action for what it called “false assertions” once more.

Islamabad city police also responded to claims by Sheikh Rashid by tweeting about the whole situation.

Avoid spreading untrue information about the Islamabad police. The Islamabad police issued a warning, and reserve the right to pursue legal action in response to untrue accusations.

It is important to note that Rashid’s close ally and PTI leader Imran Khan was declared ineligible for the Toshakhana reference on Friday by the Election Commission of Pakistan, which sparked demonstrations and physical altercations with the police in several parts of the nation.


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