‘Shifa International Hospital houses butchers’

Many social media users express dissatisfaction with Shifa International’s alleged ill-treatment of patients

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A senior neurosurgeon at Shifa International supposedly resigned because the hospital allegedly charged patients abhorrent rates, an incident that had others speaking out against the renowned medical facility.

Reporter Rahul Rajput posted a copy of the alleged resignation dated October 12, which was addressed to medical officer Dr Zeeshan bin Ishtiaq from Dr Inayatullah Khan.

Dr Khan claimed he had seen the administration extort money from patients by ‘re-investigating’ them needlessly. He jabbed at a junior, Dr Ishtiaq and accused him of running the hospital, furthering that his resignation would result in a loss of Rs100 million for Shifa shareholders.

The claims had others on social media berate Shifa Hospital as well. Journalist Adeel Raja said that he has experienced the unethical monetary practices himself. He wondered whether anyone was keeping an eye on healthcare in Pakistan.

A user detailed his personal experience and said claimed that his nephew was prescribed costly tests, which his family later learned were unnecessary.

Another journalist alleged that Shifa International did not provide patients their previous medical records if they sought treatment for their ailments elsewhere. He asserted that the hospital’s doctors were well-known to be ‘butchers’ who were only interested in starting their own practice abroad.

The trope of Shifa hospital housing ‘butchers’ was a repeated one.

Another journalist said that Rajput had broken the news initially. The journalist, Israr Ahmed Rajpoot, said that Shifa was a ‘looting den’ and ‘slaughterhouse’.

A news correspondent said that Shifa’s alleged policies demonstrated a tried and tested unethical method to become rich in Pakistan quickly. He too questioned where regulatory authorities were in Pakistan.

A report by local media outlet that Rajput works for, said that Shifa hospital refused to comment on the matter due to privacy reasons. The facility’s Media Officer Saima Jabbar told the news outlet that Shifa International was a prime healthcare facility that would only comment on media queries if they were related to ‘healthcare awareness and general well-being of the masses’.