SHO Malir city, head mohrar suspended for poor security arrangements in NA-237 by-polls

SHO Malir city and head mohrar have been suspended by the Sindh police due to poor security arrangements in by-elections of NA-237.

Sindh police has not only suspended the two officials but also summoned a response from them.

According to the FIR, 20 to 25 stamped ballot papers were put in the sealed ballot boxes. It further stated that a person in the room was stamping ballot papers. It added that eight to 10 persons stormed the polling station again and took DVR with them.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi’s leader Bilal Ghaffar was injured in an attack after the police had failed to maintain law and order.

The Malir City police had registered a rigging and DVR theft case on Monday. The police has said that the investigation into the matter was ongoing.

On Sunday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan was defeated by PPP candidate Abdul Hakeem Baloch in NA-237 Malir constituency of the National Assembly. Baloch had secured 32,567 votes whereas Imran Khan got 22,493 votes.

The PTI chairman has demanded that Election Commission of Pakistan should conduct re-elections in the constituency because PPP had rigged the elections for victory.


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